You put chocolate in my peanut butter! You put peanut butter in my chocolate!


You know Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, right? Back in the day they had a commercial of a guy and a girl about to crash into each other around a blind corner.

She was eating chocolate, and he was cruising down the street eating from a jar of peanut butter (no joke)...

Then BAM!

Reese's was created!

Now, sometimes when you combine two unlike elements, you get a jumble of useless mush...

...other times?

Pure Gold!

And in this case, that gold is HUGE traffic and HUGE sales for your site!

Take two of most widespread phenomenon online today...



Viral Videos (you know, cats playing the piano, people slipping on ice, cute baby panda bears...)

How do these go together?

It's widely recognized that getting tons of likes, followers and fans is essential for massive and consistent traffic. Most online marketers have found that FB is absolutely ESSENTIAL... fact most folks who consistently CRUSH IT know that if you use FB correctly, it's pretty much the ONLY source of traffic you need.

Recent studies have shown that one out of every nine humans ON EARTH regularly spend time on FB.

But doesn't it take a long time to build a loyal following?

Don't you need to spend TONS of time and effort building your base?

Not Any More

We've accidentally uncovered an INCREDIBLE combination...

(even better than peanut butter and chocolate!)

We've figured out how to combine some of the most viral videos EVER CREATED with YOUR fan page or profile, and turn it into an instantaneous and lucrative explosion of money!

What Do You Get?

The Facebook Viral Formula

We GUARANTEE this is like no other FB course you've seen before. Most people know that YouTube is essential for marketing success, but most folks don't know that FB is the SECOND most popular spot online for videos...

...something even ADVANCED marketers don't know!

Now, it's one thing to create your own video, maybe get a couple hundred views, which will lead to a handful of leads...

...But in this course...

...You'll learn how to take videos that are ALREADY VIRAL and leverage their value.

How's it work?

If you tried to reverse engineer why some videos go viral and some don't, you'd get a full head of gray hair in a hurry.


Nobody knows why some videos go viral and some don't.

Not even billion dollar Madison Avenue marketing companies. Some videos take off...

...some flop with more embarrassment than a sunburned drunken fat boy at a backyard BBQ!

That's why you'll learn how to choose the BEST videos, that have ALREADY proven themselves to all the hungry FB users looking to kill time...

Let's look at the math...

You put up a video on YouTube, and maybe you get a few hundred views. How many of those turn in to active subs on your list?

Not many.

But with videos that have viral appeal? You'll not only get thousands, or potentially hundreds of thousands of views...

...right there on your profile...

...but a certain percentage will click through to your squeeze page!

As you can see, even if you understand the importance of video marketing, but can't make a video to save your life...

...This Is Perfect!

You'll learn how to...

  • Find The Hottest Videos
  • Legally "Steal" Them
  • Stick 'Em On Your Profile
  • Sit Back And Wait For The Flood of Traffic!

Whether you've been on FB for years, or if you're just starting out, you'll learn the quickest, most effective way to literally explode your followers and friends overnight...

..making it easier than ever to cash in on that new traffic you'll be getting.

Just to make sure everybody's on the same page, we made this as newbie friendly as possible.

You'll learn EVERYTHING you need, step by step:

  • Exactly Where To Find The Best Viral Videos
  • Exactly How To Download Them
  • The Best FREE Software To Use
  • Exactly How To Upload Them
  • The Right Way To Write The Accompanying Text
  • The Right Way To Present Your URL
  • A Specific, UNHEARD of Technique To Quickly Swell Your Fan Base With Each And Every Video
  • The Correct Way To Interact With Your Fans
  • How To Pull Friend Requests Like A Magnet
  • Much, Much More

To tell you the truth, we could easily charge an arm and a leg for this. After all, just a few hours with this technique and you could easily swell your list into the hundreds, or even thousands, overnight.

And if you know anything about list building, you know it's the singular most effective way to market anything.

Heck, even if you don't HAVE a list, we'll show you have to drive viewers of your videos DIRECT to affiliate offers.

That means...

You Don't Even Need A Website!

Or A List!

Utilizing this incredible viral formula you can easily scour the net for the right viral videos that are PERFECT for your niche, load 'em up with AFF links, and sit back....

...and Wait For Your Cash!

Oh yea, the price!

While we could EASILY charge several hundred (or even several thousand for this) and STILL get TONS of happy customers that would EASILY make their purchase price back in a matter of weeks...

...or sooner,

We want to make this as accessible as possible.

That's why we're letting it go for only $27.

For only $27 and no need to buy anything else, you'll see exactly how to set up your FB, find those viral videos....

...and GET PAID!

Order Now!

P.S. It's not every day you find such a lucrative system that's so easy to set up and put in place. No writing articles, no PPC, not even a website or a list. Just stick those videos up there, drive traffic to your AFF links, and collect your money. To get the easiest money making system ever created, get on this today!

P.P.S. Just imagine your life six months from now, after you've realized how easy it is to make an easy five figures each and every month in only a few hours a week. How much better is life? How much simpler is it? How many problems have you permanently CRUSHED with your newfound financial freedom? Get on this today, and kiss your financial problems Good Bye!

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